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The Best Coffee Maker for Every Situation

As our morning coffees are how many of us start the day, finding the best coffee maker to help you achieve the perfect brew has become more important than ever. While coffee houses and cafes are still a popular choice for many, there seems to be a growing trend towards making your own coffee either at home or in the office.

So, which is the best coffee maker for the job? This isn’t as simple as you might think, as finding the best coffee brewers depends on a whole range of personal preferences. The quantity you’ll make each day, how quickly you want the job done, and the ability to personalize your drink are all important factors to consider.

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With a new wave of coffee makers entering the market all the time, finding the best coffee maker for home or the office has never been more daunting. However, our handy guide can help you find the best rated coffee makers for each setting, allowing you to save money and create a drink that suits your personal taste. Whether it’s for the home, office, or commercial use, there’s an ideal device for your needs.Woman Drinking Coffee While Reading Newspaper

The Benefits of Having Your Own Coffee Maker

According to research, over 80% of Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day, making this easily one of the most popular beverages in our country and others. While many people still prefer to pay the big bucks to purchase their coffees in-store, there are some great benefits to having your own coffee maker at your disposal.

Saves Money

It was reported in 2014 that Americans who regularly buy their coffee from a café or coffee house spend around $1,092 every year in the process. Considering there are some who do this every day, or even those who buy more than one coffee a day it’s an extremely expensive habit to maintain.

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Having your own machine will cost you an initial investment, but the best home coffee makers will last for years, saving you thousands in the process.

Meets Your Personal Tastes

While it’s true you can walk into any fancy coffee house and order from a range of complicated drinks from the menu, nothing beats making your own coffee at home just the way you like it. The best coffee maker is one that you can use for yourself, perfecting exactly the taste and consistency of your morning brew.

Choose your own beans, select from a range of flavors, or opt for something traditional and rich; the choice is yours with your own coffee maker.


Many people think that convenience comes from ordering your drink from a café, paying, and then being on your way. However, the commute to the coffee house and wait in long lines actually offers nothing in the way of convenience.

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Making your own coffee at home or in the office saves a lot of time, and there are even automatic coffee machines which can get the job done in under a minute. The best part is, your coffee maker is there when you want your next drink and it never closes.

Environmentally Friendly

Drinking from plastic and Styrofoam cups each day when you purchase your morning coffee produces a lot of waste, and can be hazardous to the environment. Using an espresso machine or slow drip coffee maker means you’re drinking straight from a cup or travel mug, and reducing your environmental footprint in the process.

Boosts Morale

Having a coffee maker in your office can be an amazing way to boost staff morale. By investing in a quality machine, you’re helping your staff to save money on purchasing expensive drinks, and also limiting additional breaks that might be taken to go on a coffee run. Small purchases such as this go a long way to making your staff feel appreciated, and it’s an appliance that will certainly get a lot of use.

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Increases Professionalism

If you own a business that serves customers, whether it’s retail or a professional industry, nothing says customer service like having freshly brewed coffee available for them. Some larger businesses have an in-house barista, or other small companies use a simple K-cup machine, but there’s no denying the great impact this can have on your customers especially if they’re waiting for service.

Drip Coffee Makers

Automatic drip coffee makers are the most popular choice of machine found in American homes and workplaces and have held this title for many years. With a drip coffee maker, you can get a quick and tasty cup of coffee with very little needed in the way of special skills.

Pouring Hot Water in Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are also one of the most affordable options, another reason why they’re often favored as the best coffee maker. Depending on the size and brand, you can buy one of the best drip coffee maker brands for around $30, so they’re an extremely reasonable choice considering the years of service they’ll give.

The machines allow you to get a fresh cup of coffee with just a few simple steps, and they can be purchased in larger sizes to suit more coffee drinkers, making them a great choice for the workplace too. Simply fill the carafe with cold water, insert your ground coffee beans into the fresh filter, and set the machine to brew. Here are some advantages to using a drip coffee maker:

  • Easy to use and keep clean, so there’s less chance of the machine being broken or misused.
  • The machines are affordable, as are the beans and paper filters you need to brew the coffee.
  • Can make either one cup or multiple cups, depending on your needs each day and how many are operating the machine.

Espresso Machines

Favored for decades by Europeans, espresso machines are now becoming increasingly popular at home too. Many die-hard coffee fans consider this the only way to drink coffee, as it produces a bold and intense aroma that just can’t be found elsewhere.

Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker on Table

Espresso machines can be purchased in either automatic, semi-automatic or manual models, so there’s a lot of choice for just how much input you want to have in creating your coffee. However, many believe that if you’re drinking espresso then it’s best to opt for at least semi-automatic so that you don’t lose anything from its flavor.

Making espresso is a little more complicated than other methods, with the basic process requiring you to grind the beans, allowing the pressurized water to work through them, and then frothing your milk if required. Overall, it should just take a couple of minutes, but for many, they’re willing to put in the effort. Here are a few of the great advantages an espresso machine has:

  • The only way to make barista quality coffee drinks, including straight espresso shots, cappuccinos, and lattes.
  • These machines allow a little or a lot of input, depending on the user’s needs for convenience.
  • Visually, an espresso machine is a chic and elegant device which instantly improves the look of any kitchen.
  • Also available as in a stovetop model for those who don’t want any bulky machinery but want to retain the flavor of a true espresso.

Vacuum Pot Coffee

One of the most unusual ways of brewing coffee, but one that is favored by true lovers of caffeine, vacuum pot coffee has experienced highs and lows throughout its history. This method of brewing is the most complicated by far, but it’s also the one that apparently produces the best flavors and aromas.

Making Coffee in Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

Although more complicated, the basic premise of the vacuum coffee pot uses a two chamber vessel to create. These siphon pot coffee makers draw hot water up over the beans and then back through them again using a vacuum process, powered by heat. The result is a delicious and crisp tasting coffee, completely different to other brewing methods.

Thankfully, you’re now able to purchase automatic vacuum pot coffee makers which take some of the hard work out of it. However, for many the fun comes from the traditional process and they’re happy to put in the time and effort to create it. Here are just a few of the reasons why vacuum pot coffee is favored by many.

  • The method used produces the richest and purest form of coffee, although it takes a little more time to produce.
  • The brewing process with vacuum pot coffee is a sensory experience, so it’s for more than just your taste buds.
  • Can be transported anywhere, so you can make fresh and delicious coffee while camping, at work, or wherever you choose.

French Press Coffee Maker

Another method favored by serious coffee lovers, French press coffee makers help to achieve a strong and intense drink. Many consider these the best coffee maker for home, as they offer simplicity and taste, which often can’t be beaten with automatic machines.

French Press Coffee Machine and Cup

Using a French press guarantees you get the truest and purest form of coffee, without anything altering the beans. For this reason, they’re a popular choice for both amateur coffee makers and those who take their passion more seriously.

A French press coffee maker couldn’t be easier to operate, with just a few simple steps to achieving the perfect brew. Boil your water, pour it over the freshly ground beans in the carafe, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before pushing the plunger down. A few benefits of owning a French press include:

  • These coffee makers come in a variety of prices, but there’s no need to splurge to get a quality device that will last for many years.
  • The flavor from a French press machine is far more intense and aromatic than other brewing methods, making it a favorite among serious coffee lovers.
  • One of the easiest devices to care for, French press makers suit people without a lot of time on their hands for extra maintenance.

Automatic Coffee Machines

According to Reuters, more than a quarter of American households now have a single serve automatic coffee machine in their homes. These machines offer the best in convenience and taste and also mean that a lot less coffee is being wasted in our country.

Automatic Coffee Maker

The machines either come as a standalone or with milk frothing abilities attached, and they’re ideal as the best single coffee maker. The process is simple as you insert on of your pre-purchased capsules or pods into the machine, close the lid, and press the button. Within just a minute you have a fresh and delicious coffee that suits your needs.

Automatic coffee machines are great if you’re looking for the best small coffee maker, as they take up barely any space on your benchtop and require minimal cleaning. There is the ability to buy an automatic coffee machine with larger output abilities, which might also suit an office setting.

Although automatic machines are considered some of the best home coffee makers, many diehard caffeine fans will prefer to use one of the traditional methods to create a richer tasting coffee. However, there are some great benefits to be found with automatic coffee makers.

  • With now over 500 different flavors of capsules available for the more popular machines, you have more choice than any coffee house could ever offer.
  • These machines let you create a café style drink with just the push of a button, so there’s no need to learn any special skills or tricks to operate.
  • Keeping the machines clean is easy, and the better brands rarely require extra maintenance or care for years of service.

Best Coffee Maker for Home

If you’re ready to take the plunge into creating your own coffee at home, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the choice. Investing in a quality coffee maker will save you money, time, and give you a superior morning caffeine hit, so there are a few things to consider before you make your choice.

Automatic Coffee Maker

  • Do you want the best single cup coffee maker, such as a Keurig or Nespresso machine? These are handy and convenient for producing just one drink at a time and reducing waste.
  • If you’re happy to spend a few extra minutes on brewing your coffee for a richer flavor, something such as a French press or espresso machine might suit you. Many coffee lovers prefer these methods to the automatic variety, as they believe it creates a superior tasting drink.
  • If time is a factor, but you would prefer to avoid instant coffee, an automatic machine such as the capsule models allows you to create a coffee in under a minute, making them a popular choice for the best home coffee maker.
  • Do you want your coffee machine to form part of your décor, so you’re happy to pay a little more for something stylish? Many homes favor the traditional espresso machine to give their homes a sophisticated and chic look that can’t be found with modern coffee makers.

Best Coffee Maker for the Office

If you’re in the market for an office coffee maker, your set of needs may be a little different to finding the best home coffee machine. Considering your employees and how they prefer their coffee, there are a few things to consider when finding the best coffee maker for your workplace.

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  • Will there be a dedicated coffee maker cleaner? If it’s unlikely that someone is willing to put in the time and care for extra maintenance, the easier options such as slow drip or automatic machines might be ideal.
  • How many staff members does this coffee maker need to cater to? Will it be used to serve customers and guests, or just staff alone? How many people will be using the machine at one time? Depending on your answers, you’ll need to ensure the model you purchase is capable of producing this quantity.
  • Do you want to provide staff with a range of options for their coffee, such as different flavored capsules or the ability to make café drinks with an espresso machine? Or are they satisfied with slow drip coffee or a French press that makes a fairly standard type of drink each time?

Best Commercial Coffee Maker

One step up from workplace coffee makers is the commercial kind. These have been built to serve many cups a day, and again come in a range of different varieties. Whether it’s for a hotel lobby, restaurant, or catering company, there are again some things to consider before deciding on the best coffee maker.

Moccamaster KBG 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Are you happy to allocate someone or employ a barista to create the coffee? If this is your goal, a commercial espresso machine would be the top choice. This means your guests or customers can have more preference over the drinks they receive, and won’t need to use the machine themselves.
  • Do you want customers or guests to be able to serve their own coffee in an easy and convenient way? An automatic machine or large drip brewer might be ideal in this situation, as they’re easy to use and don’t require any special skills.
  • How many people do you anticipate this machine will serve each day? First, you’ll need to know the number of coffees it’s expected to make, and then select your machine based on its ability to meet the quota.
  • Will the machine stay in one spot, or do you need something that can be moved around? There are commercial coffee machines that be mobile, depending on your needs. 

Why More People Prefer to Make Their Own Coffee

Not that long ago, it seemed that everyone was happy to spend big dollars on having their coffees made for them each morning. Although Starbucks’ revenue continues to climb, there’s no denying that many people now prefer to invest in a coffee machine for the home or office to create their own morning beverage.

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

With the average American spending $1,000 a year at coffee houses, it’s never been wiser to invest in a coffee machine for yourself. The best coffee machine for your needs will depend on a range of factors, so it’s not a decision to make lightly.

Having a coffee maker at your disposal not only saves you potentially thousands of dollars each year, but it gives you absolute control over how you enjoy your caffeine. Whether you want an espresso, caramel latte, or slow drip coffee, there’s a machine out there to help you achieve it.

Finding the best coffee maker is an investment that will last you many years, but it’s one that pays off considerably when you calculate the money wasted on coffee houses in just a few months. For this reason alone, it pays to take time and consideration when finding a coffee maker that will suit your needs.

The Verdict

Coffee is easily the most popular beverage in the world, and our country is not shy in admitting their love for it either. With over $13.6billion spent on the coffee industry last year, in both home and commercial use, it doesn’t appear this delicious and invigorating drink is going anywhere.

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Finding the best coffee maker for you will depend mainly on how you intend to use it. For convenience, there are some great automatic options that do all of the work for you. However, if you like to spend a little bit of time and love on your morning brew you’d be more at home with an espresso machine or French press.

As coffee machines develop with technology and we learn more about the favored brewing methods of coffee loving cultures, the ways in which we make our own become far more intricate and tasty than the timeworn instant coffee options.

These coffee makers have allowed us to experience a beverage revolution, with more and more people looking to make their own blends rather than throw away money at coffee houses and cafes. With numerous options now available to create your coffee how you like it, the home and office coffee maker trend will surely continue to increase.

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