Coffee in Vacuum Coffee Machine

What is a Vacuum Coffee Maker

Many coffee lovers will admit to never having heard of a vacuum coffee maker before, and they probably wouldn’t be alone. This obscure method for brewing coffee isn’t one of the most popular methods around, but that’s not to say it isn’t without its devotees.

Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee makers, also known as siphon coffee, are one of the rarer methods of brewing coffee that relies on vapor pressure to achieve the perfect drink. Invented in the 1800s, it’s still somewhat popular among die-hard coffee fans with a taste for the unusual, and has a few other interesting benefits too.

What is a Vacuum Coffee Brewer

A vacuum coffee brewer sounds a little complicated, and with good reason. These devices rely on a method of sucking drawing the water up and through the coffee grounds before passing it back down through again as a complete and delicious cup of fresh coffee.

Brewing Coffee in Vacum Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee makers, or siphon brewers, feature two glass bulbs which sit on top of the other connected with a thin stem. Water is placed in the lower bulb, and then coffee in the top bulb through a small opening in the top. The top bulb has a filter placed at the bottom for keeping coffee grounds out.

A seal in the stem then creates the vacuum process which gives this method its name, and the water rises through the filter upwards before sending it back down to the bottom bulb again fully brewed.

The History of the Coffee Vacuum Pot

The first known patent for a vacuum coffee maker comes from the 1830s, where a French woman living in Berlin designed the very first siphon device. This ornate device featured the common two bulb design and a frame, with gorgeous metal crowns on the top and a serving spigot on the bottom.

Old Classic Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

Since then, the coffee vacuum pot has seen many rises and falls in popularity, even continuing to today. During the mid-1800s these siphons gained, even more, popularity but were phased out when people began to favor convenience most.

Modern appliances have now been created that follow the vacuum coffee making process, but with a little less work than traditional methods. However, half the fun of this method is the care and steps you must take to achieve it, so the modern way offered by an electric vacuum coffee maker may not entice everyone.

How to Use a Vacuum Coffee Pot

Brewing coffee with a vacuum brewer may sound complicated, but once you get the hang of it there isn’t too much to it. Many people actually prefer this method for the process and find it quite entertaining to brew their coffee this way.

Making Vacuum Pot Coffee

Follow these simple steps, thanks to the experts at We Crave Coffee, to brew the perfect pot with your vacuum coffee maker each and every time.

  1. Fill the bottom bulb with water, and place it over a heat source, whether gas stove or standalone burner.
  2. Place the stem of the top bulb into the lower and create a seal, and then put your ground coffee beans into the top bulb of the vacuum pot coffee maker.
  3. As the water heats, it will travel up through the stem and reach the coffee grounds in the top. This will agitate your coffee and water, causing it to steep.
  4. When the brew is ready, take your vacuum coffee maker off the heat source carefully and place onto a cool surface. This instant change of pressure will drain the brewed coffee back to the bottom.
  5. Remove the top bulb and then serve your coffee directly from the bottom bulb.

The Benefits of a Vacuum Coffee Maker

Many people are willing to put in the extra time, money, and effort to drink their coffee brewed this way, and with a range of wonderful benefits, it’s not difficult to see why.

Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

The Coffee Tastes Better

A San Francisco café made headlines in 2008 when they purchased a $20,000 siphon coffee maker and proclaimed they would serve their brews exclusively this way. Many true coffee lovers will agree that this method is the ultimate way to enjoy coffee and achieve flavors like no other device can.

It’s an Experience

Not only does the coffee taste great, but vacuum coffee makers offer a complete sensory experience when using the device. These machines are entertaining and stimulating to watch, so they’re ideal for pleasing crowds as well.

You Have Greater Control

Unlike pod machines or instant coffee, vacuum pot coffee lets you control a number of variables. This means you can perfect your brew exactly how you like it and have fun experimenting in the process.

A Stronger Aroma

Half of the enjoyment of coffee comes from the delicious smell, and this device lets you create an even stronger aroma than your usual cup of coffee. As all of the aroma and steam becomes trapped in the bulb, there’s nowhere for it to escape.

Smoke Coming from Cup of Coffee

The Verdict

There’s no denying the charm of a vacuum coffee maker, and this charm is often what entices many people to give this method a go. Upon finding out that it creates a stronger aroma and better taste, it may convert many coffee lovers to this unique brewing process.

Vacuum coffee makers have seen rises and falls in their popularity since their initial invention in the early 1800s, and there’s no doubt that there will be more fame to come for this device.

Although the process takes a little more time, patience, and skill, there’s no denying the valuable benefits that this device has over other brewing methods. For serious coffee lovers who are happy to put in the effort, a vacuum coffee maker may be the best choice.

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